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Sell Roof Tile in Southern California – If you have old roof tiles lying around and are unsure about what to do with them, let us know—we may be interested in purchasing them! Whether you have a large or small amount of tiles, if they’re in good condition, we will take care of them for you. Make sure you contact us before they get damaged or break into pieces—not after. We know the value of historical roof tiles and we don’t like seeing them tossed out, so we will do our absolute best to salvage them and prolong their life!

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Why Recycle or Sell Roof Tile?

Not sure what to do with your old roof tiles? Recycle them or sell roof tile to your local vendor! Classic Roof Tile will repurpose your old tile. Concrete tiles have a very long lifespan and recycling your tile will keep it out of our landfills and is a bold step in reducing your carbon footprint. When it’s time to replace your tile roof, you can rest assured that what you’re doing is, in fact, eco-friendly.  Concrete tiles are mineral-based, nontoxic, and can be reused in manufacturing.